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Inseram imagini din galerie (cod inserare din galerie):

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Inseram un modul cu continut ( pozitia: hidden-module ):

Tehnologie :: modul in articol

Font Awesome 4.6

Font Awesome 4.5

The integration of the latest Font Awesome version - v4.5 allows you to add any font Awesome icon by adding the class like: fa fa-home.

Flexible layout system

Flexible layout system

JA Simply supports multiple layouts by default, they are standard layouts: 3 columns, 2 column and 1 colum with boxed or full width style.

Theme customizer

Theme Customizer Tool

The magic tool helps user customize style and other elements in your website based on predefined parameters in real time. What you do is what you see.

Powerful Layout configuration

Powerful Layout configuration

Customizing layout is just simple with JA Simpli, the layout configuration with lots of option built-in help you build layout your ways with ease.

Custom Code

Custom Code

No need to look for correct files to add scripts like Google Analytics code, all are implemented as fields in admin panel. Just add scripts to the tags you want: <head>, <body>.

More features

More feature...

  • Sticky Menu
  • Compatible with most popular 3rd extensions
  • Intuitive admin panel